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CarpeGM Videos.

     As of this writing we have something like 100 hours worth of edited video available with tons more to come. We do it live, we archive it and we want you to see it all. Check it out.

Twitch Livestream.


     Now we here at CarpeGM don't like to play favorites but, frankly, we wouldn't be bothering you fine people if it weren't for twitch.tv. Twitch is a video streaming service where folks do what they love in the hopes that people want to watch them do it (mostly games). Luckily they (and we) are pretty much right.
     That player to the left is going to display whatever's going in CarpeGM's Twitch channel at the time, usually reruns, so if you need some background noise or just have a hankerin' to witness some RPG (boardgame, whatever) magic; crank the dial, set the player to fullscreen and rock out!


     The following are playlists on our Youtube channel. On the left you have embedded players and on the right you have descriptions of the playlist. We have

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition; Princes of the Apocalypse.

       A long-running campaign even now and it isn't quite finished (over 50 hours of video). Follow Darion the Human Paladin of Cuthbert as he desperately tries to corral his compatriots and prevent them from murdering, stealing and being killed by everything they encounter.
     Joining Darion are five loyal (?) companions. Junebug, a rescued circus freak dubbed "the Wolf Boy" who is, actually, a Half-Orc Barbarian who was raised by wolves. Gerbo is a terrible (Gnome) Rogue. Zippo is an effective (Halfling) Rogue. Cletus is a Half-Elf Rogue who can sing (also a Bard). Malith is also there, except when he's not, but we think he's a Wood Elf Ranger. His Mountain Lion "Mr. Cheezles" is definitely there, and very fat, from eating nothing but cheese. Will they ever learn of the Princes of the Apocalypse? Watch to find out!


       This is the home of our Shadowrun campaign where Kevin takes us down the rabbit hole that is the original Cyberpunk RPG. It begins a Quickplay run by Ben who introduces us to the new edition ("Spoiled Rotten").
     The main campaign (SINless in Seattle) is an obsessive attempt by the face man (a Troll named Bobo) to remain in his apartment while Dutch (Ork Poseur Rigger) and Carter (human cyborg) eat all his food, Freddie (human Decker) tries to keep them all under control and Brim (Elf Street Shaman) sabotages us all with his devastating magical powers.

Retro-Gaming Graveyard.

       Old games! Oh-mi-gerd~! Nick and Moze delve into the past to bring dead franchises back to life ... or something(!).
     At it's heart this is a retrogaming show where we pick random games and see if they suck. The idea, mostly, is that the game must be obscure before we can stream it and that led to some very ... unenjoyable consequences.
     Early episodes are played at a hand-built arcade cabinet that Nick and I (with a lot of help from friends) constructed. Later episodes are kicking back with adapted SNES controllers and playing more popular franchises. Thanks again to Nintendo for letting us use Mario officially as part of the

Let's Play.

       This playlist is a catch-all for any and all videos involving non-RPG tabletop games. Because the games are played through in a single sitting and are not played the following week it seems the best way to do it.
     Some of these could be considered demonstrations, others reviews and then there's some where we're figuring it out ourselves (which is funny in itself to watch).
     We'll play just about anything at least once; from timeless classic, new hot thing to some indy product that nobody's ever heard of. If you're looking for a game to play or just a time waster with no commitment here you go!

Rules Lawyer's Court.

       Ryan's judge, jury and executioner of your gaming misconceptions as he disseminates the common rules gaffs and lets you all know how wrong you are.
     In real time he moves digital pieces around in the powerful and popular web app Roll20 demonstrating exactly how things should be done in your next game.
     What's that? Don't like being told how to run your game? Well nobody likes a Rules Lawyer, friend, but they do need 'em!

Retrogaming Graveyard (with Moze Howard).

  RGG logo     A new start that harkens back to the dawn of videogames. No longer a simple longplay of arcade classics this new graveyard is a retrospective on the history of RPGs in video games.

Battlelords: Scum of the Universe..

  Battlelords logo     Ryan takes us on a trek through the stars as we go to war in the indy game that, in the 1990s, combined Scifi with small unit paramiltary operations and spycraft. Blood, steel, circuitry and guile in one of the deadliest RPGs ever written.



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