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     Welcome to the page where we're basically doing nothing but begging for money. Well, that isn't precisely true, but we are looking to pay the bills and any support we can get from our (self-identified) fans is a real blessing. That doesn't mean you're giving to get nothing, far from it, as Patreon subscribers get special benefits and, as we add affiliate partners, you'll find links and vouchers that, if used together, earn us a kickback and save you money on stuff you're buying anyway. Without further ado...
Support CarpeGM on Patreon.      If you're not familiar Patreon is a place where you can support artists and creators that you enjoy with a regular contribution (think subscription). Ours is a monthly subscription model and, depending on how much you give, you'll get your name here as thank you ($1), access to our creative materials as we finish campaigns and products ($5), access to a 24/7 chat where you can pick our brains ($10 and we reply when we see your message) and even original artwork, done to order ($20) once per month.
     Ah, the familiar Paypal tip jar. If a subscription seems like a bit much to you but you're still interested in supporting so we can make more videos, improve our quality (equipment and the like) help produce free RPG materials (more on that as development on our upcoming RPG continues) and even help us rent booths so we can meet you at RPG conventions!
Save with CarpeGM and Greenmangaming!      For the uninformed greenmangaming is a great way to save when purchasing any of over 5,000 games (as of this writing) and growing! Titles are available for Windows-based PCs, Mac, Linux and vary from top-tier AAA titles (Fallout 4) to crazy indie titles (Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken).
     You buy the code there and then go to Steam to activate. Not all titles will be shown as discounted but, because you'd be clicking the link to the left you can use voucher code CARPEG-MSAVES-GAMING (Copy and paste that) at checkout to get the game, probably already discounted, for 20% less! Pretty sweet deal and a great way for RPG fans to pick up the latest and greatest C-RPGs and a lot of great classics too.
Whiltelist CarpeGM!      Finally the best way to enjoy CarpeGM without it costing you a cent; turn off the ad blocking software. We all do it; block the annoying ads that pester us constantly, and that's fine for big corporations that don't need the money but we're starving artists. So if you could just tell Adblock Plus (or whatever software you use) that we're cool, both here at the website and anywhere else you consume our content, that would go a long way towards helping us produce more stuff for you to enjoy.

     Special thanks to Nick's wife Marisa for putting up with us and occasionally guest-starring, Moze's wife Molly for moderating the Twitch chats, our old friend Brent for assisting in setting the basement up like a studio and all our followers who keep us motivated to keep coming back.

Support CarpeGM on Patreon.

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