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CarpeGM Schedule.

     What we're up to, when we're doing it and what you should expect.

CarpeGM's streaming schedule on Twitch.


     Never miss a session. Remember to follow us on Twitch, Twitter, Facebook and the like (click "connect" above for the quickest way to do that) to get notifications when we're doing our thing. All times are approximate but late starts will be accompanied by a notification and we often run long, but short only if it's a good point in the story to end.

Day. Time. Description
Sunday: 3PM-8PM Sunday gaming, currently Pathfinder. In person, using dice, etc.
Monday: 12AM-12PM Replays. Currently D&D.
Tuesday: 12AM-12PM Replays. Currently D&D.
Wednesday: 12AM-12PM Replays. Currently D&D.
Thursday: 6PM-8PM. D&D 5E on Roll20. ***COMING SOON!***
Friday: 12AM-12PM Replays. Currently D&D.
Saturday: 12AM-12PM Replays. Currently D&D.

       Event calendar coming soon!



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