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Connect with CarpeGM.

    Like what we're doing and want to see more? You can connect with CarpeGM on social media and other sites. We're all over the place from Facebook to Patreon (hint hint) and moving into new places on the web all the time. Here's where to find us.
     Where the magic happens! Not only do we live stream to Twitch a few times a week but, when we're not livestreaming, we have a dedicated streamer doing reruns meaning that we're broadcasting more or less 24/7.
     So follow, watch and if you have a channel yourself that lines up with what we do let us know and we'd be happy to host you for awhile.
     Dozens of gaming videos and growing every week! Here you'll see archived in neat playlists every minute (that doesn't stink out loud) of our weekly RPG sessions, streamed retrogames (sometimes using a hand-built arcade cabinet), board gaming videos and other assorted weirdness.
     All the videos will likewise be presented on the website here but, keep in mind, if you follow us on Youtube you'll receive notifications of those videos having been posted.
     A way to get updates in real time from CarpeGM. Know when the front page has been updated! Perhaps the best part is that you can tweet at us. My goal is to have a Twitter war with Wil Wheaton.
     That's right, Wesley, CarpeGM hasn't forgotten what you did to ST:tNG! It's on!
     There's more geeky stuff out there than is appropriate to put in one place so we do a lot of it here. It's another great place to communicate with CarpeGM, sometimes in real time, so give us a Like. Also if you see any really awesome games you want to link to us we wanna see 'em. Especially indy stuff we may not be aware of.
     Moze, who did this website, also has a Deviantart page with most of the images done for CarpeGM's videos, the site and anything else that springs into his head. If you like the art then, by all means, download some of the images for a desktop backdrop or buy a print!
     Oh, and don't forget those two on the bottom. Help us keep the game going by being a Patron or just leaving us a tip in the old Paypal tip jar. You'll be glad you did.
     No, wait, that isn't right ... we'll be glad you did! Yeah, I knew it was in there somewhere.

     Special thanks to Nick's wife Marisa for putting up with us and occasionally guest-starring, Moze's wife Molly for moderating the Twitch chats, our old friend Brent for assisting in setting the basement up like a studio and all our followers who keep us motivated to keep coming back.

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