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     When CarpeGM feels the need to let an opinion be heard, to instruct people in how to do something or just to tell a funny story on the printed virtual page you'll find it here. The Articles page can be considered a catch-all for our written material until such time as we start finishing novels or something. That's neither here nor there...
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Deadly Missions 2nd Edition: The Portal.
     A papercraft build-your-own board game with strong RPG elements. There's a lot of setup involved but that's offset by a very low price. Click the image for more information on CarpeGM's experience with the Portal.

     Special thanks to Nick's wife Marisa for putting up with us and occasionally guest-starring, Moze's wife Molly for moderating the Twitch chats, our old friend Brent for assisting in setting the basement up like a studio and all our followers who keep us motivated to keep coming back.

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