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About CarpeGM.

     Who are we? That is a great question. CarpeGM is an Ohio-based gaming group that gathers once a week (and does some online gaming via roll20 as well) to play Role-Playing Games, board games, card games and, well, anything tabletop. We also have a strong interest in video games; especially retrogaming. Week after week we crank out hours of gaming video, most of which gets livestreamed via Twitch and all of it gets edited and uploaded to Youtube. Why do we do it? We've been saying for years that we're hilarious, handsome and charming and we wanted the world to know it. Why did we not stop when the world said "none of that is true!"? Momentum, mostly...
     Between us there's something like 100 years of gaming experience (or "XP") so we know what we're doing for the most part. Because most of us have been friends for 20 or more years we tend to get along although it's funnier when we don't. Since you're already here you must want to know who the heck your dealing with so without further ado here are individual profiles.

Moze Playstyle: Distracting improv artist.
     At home when interacting in character, doing voices or just riffing in disrupting ways, Moze has been playing RPGs since 1992. That is unless you count CRPGs such as Pool of Radiance on his antique 80286 desktop; then it's 1988.
     Moze is the illustrator/designer of the group and does the video editing as well. He created carpegm.com back in 2006 (technically) although the site wasn't up the whole time and this version is very, very different from that one...
Ryan Playstyle: Argumentative knowitall.
     A born GM and good player Ryan is the Rules Lawyer to end all Rules Lawyers and has the best technical skills in terms of gaming of the group. His real claim to fame is a personal relationship with Larry Sims; creator of Battlelords of the 23rd Century that started in the 1990's when the game was first being created.
     Being a Rules Lawyer Ryan was the natural choice for our Rules Lawyers' Court; a series of short videos in which he explains, in simple terms, common rules misconceptions.
James Playstyle: Backstabbing cynic.
     Capable at running a whole game or just a player character ... unless he gets lost and play screeches to a halt while he finds his place. James plays these games more than anybody else in the group and possibly on Earth. As such he sometimes forgets what game world he's in...
     James handles some of the Twittering and is the only one besides Ryan to run a full-length campaign for CarpeGM. That isn't to say that we won't but, still, let's keep him running so the rest of us can play. Keep it rolling, screen monkey!
Kevin Playstyle: Annoying jackhole.
     Not quite as random in behavior or as distracting as Moze Kevin still does his part. The current theory is that if they say the same annoying thing at the same time the game world explodes (don't cross the memes). He certainly keeps things entertaining even if sometimes it's only entertaining for him.
Nick Playstyle: Doe-eyed slow simmer.
    Fairly inexperienced but getting there Nick's primary contribution as a gamer is ... his basement, the room in which we play. He hasn't quite learned how to assert himself in-game but every so often there are flashes of brilliance which brain-blind some of us as we expect so little from the man.
     Nick runs the live streams for CarpeGM and keeps the lighting, sound and everything else running (fairly) smoothly.
Ben Playstyle: Elder Statesman.
    Bringing an air of respectability to the room Ben keeps us whippersnappers from going completely off the rails! Actually that's a lie because he goes off the rails too but he seems dignified while he's doing it.
     Ben helps with CarpeGM's website and helps run a local gaming convention called "Nerkcon".
Farris Playstyle: Seat Filler.
    When he comes to game he's there for the game not for the people, dammit! Maybe that's why we don't usually know if he's there (and sometimes he's not). Farris may look like a cute little elf boy but he's actually in his 30's. Ladies, pay attention now ... he's single.
     Farris helps CarpeGM by giving us someone to pick on on-camera. Think that's a joke? Watch some videos.
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